Taekwondo Terminology

Practicing martial arts also means being exposed to the language of the art.

Taekwondo terms should be used during classes as appropriate. The more you use the terminology, the more you learn.

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Anniyong Haseyo Hello
Bal Leg
Dan Degrees of Black belt, 1st - 9th
Ddee Belt
Dobok Training Uniform
Dojang Training Hall
Gamsa Hamnida Thank You
Hosinsool Self-defence Practice
Jokyo Nim Assistant
Kihap Shout
Kup Levels of rank earned below Black belt
Kwan Jang Nim President / Master
Kyo Sa Nim Teacher
Kyok Pa Breaking Techniques
Kyorugi Sparring
Oen (wen) Left
Oreun Right
Pal Kup Elbow
Pal Mok Forearm
Poomse Formation / Pattern
Sa Beum Nim Master / Instructor
Son Hand
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Baro Stop
Charyeot Attention
Duero dora Turn Around
Geuman End
Joonbi Ready
Jwawoohyang Woo Turn and Face
Keysok Continue
Kalyo Break
Kyongye Bow
Shijak Begin
Sho At Ease
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Stances - Seogi (Soggy)

Ap Koobi Forward Stance
Ap Seogi Walking Stance
Beom Seogi Tiger or Cat Stance
Charyeot Seogi Attention Stance
Dwit Koobi Back Stance
Haktari Seogi Crane Stance (foot on side of knee of support leg)
Joo Choom Seogi Horse-riding Stance
Joonbi Seogi Ready Stance
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Body Heights

Arae Low Section
Momtong Mid Section
Ogul High Section
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Kicks - Chagi

Ap Chagi Front Kick
Ap Cha Busigi Front Snap Kick
Ap Cha Olligi Rising Kick
Bandae Dollyo Chagi Reverse Turning kick
Bandal Chagi Crescent Kick
Bit Chagi Flank Kick
Dobol Dang Sang 'Two-footed' Jump Kick
Dollyo Chagi Turning Kick
Dwit Chagi Back Kick
Hooryo Chagi Hook Kick
Mooreup Chagi Knee Kick
Naeryo Chagi Axe Kick
Tweeo Chagi Jumping Kick
Yeop Chagi Side Kick
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Strikes - Chigi

Argom Son Chigi Arc-hand Strike
Bandae Jurigi Lead Punch
Baro Jurigi Reverse Punch
Batang Son Chigi Palm Heel Strike
Deung Joomok Chigi Back Knuckle Strike
Doobeon Jurigi Double Punch
Jebipoomok Chigi Knife hand head block and neck strike done together
Me Joomok Chigi Hammer Fist Strike
Palkup Chigi Elbow Strike
Pyojok Chigi Target Strike
Pyon Son Keut Chigi Spear Finger Strike
Pyon Son Keut Sebo Jurigi Spear Finger (thumb on top)
Sonnal Chigi Knife-hand Strike
Sonnal Dung Chigi Reverse Knife-hand Strike
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Blocks - Makki

Arae Makki Low Block
Batang Son Nero Makki Palm-pressing Block
Gawi Makki Scissor Block
Geodeureo Makki Guarding Block
Han Sonnal Geodeureo Makki Open-hand Guarding Block
Heycho Makki Wedge Block
Momtong An Makki Mid-section Inner Block
Momtong Bakkat Makki Mid-section Outer Block
Ogul Makki High Block
Otgero Makki Cross Block
Pal Mok Makki Forearm Block
Santul Makki Mountain Block (2 Arm Head Block)
Sonnal Makki Knife-hand Block
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Hanna 1
Tul 2
Set 3
Net 4
Tassot 5
Youso 6
Ilkop 7
Youdol 8
Ah hop 9
Yul 10

After ten, it is a simple matter to continue counting. Simply say the tens indicator and then the number.
For example...
11 - Yul-Hanna
12 - Yul-Tul
21 - Sumol-Hanna

Sumol 20
Suron 30
Mahon 40
Schwin 50
Yesun 60
Ilheun 70
Yeodeun 80
Aheun 90
Baek 100
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