Dojang Etiquette

  1. Always bow when entering or leaving any Dojang (the place where you are training or competing).
  2. No unnecessary talking during any lesson in a Dojang. Only speak to an instructor when spoken to.
  3. When speaking to an instructor you should always bow both at the beginning and the end of the conversation. If you have a problem or want to ask a question then you should remain in position, raise your hand and wait to be addressed.
  4. Never wander off (i.e. for the toilet or refreshments) at any time without permission. Doing so is considered disrespectful and it could be dangerous.
  5. You must inform your chief instructor of any medical conditions you may have that could cause you injury or discomfort during lessons and competitions. Any information given will be held in the strictest confidence and only relayed to the relevant people on a need to know basis.
  6. Never question an instructor's methods or instructions during class or in front of other students.
  7. If you have a problem with another member of the class, such as excessive force used during sparring, then you should immediately inform the chief instructor who will look into the matter and take the necessary action. Do NOT take matters into your own hands.
  8. All jewellery (earrings, chains, watches and piercing etc) must be removed before the start of any training session.
  9. Fingernails and toenails should be kept short to avoid risk of injury.
  10. Whilst in uniform do not fold your arms or put hands on hips. Hands should be rested on the knees or placed behind the back.
  11. Always try your best at all aspects of Taekwondo, not just the parts you enjoy or are good at. Basics are the building blocks of a good martial artist.

Grading Etiquette

  1. No shoes or socks to be worn.
  2. No jewellery.
  3. Girls may have a white T-shirt under their uniform. Boys are to have a bare chest under their uniform.
  4. When their name is shouted, a student must jump up quickly, shout 'Present Sir', bow and then run to their spot.
  5. Parents can watch but must remain silent throughout, no chit-chatting or talking to their children.
  6. All students must stay until the end of the grading.
  7. Students must sit quietly at the back of the hall when other students are taking their grading.
  8. All students must show respect for the students grading, by being quiet and not distracting others.
  9. Mobile phones must be turned off at all times.