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16th December 2013 - Christmas Holidays

Please note that due to the Christmas break, there will be no Taekwondo training on the following days:

  • Wednesday 25th December
  • Thursday 26th December
  • Monday 30th December
  • Wednesday 1st January
  • Thursday 2nd January

Training is as normal up to and including Monday 23rd December and it will then resume as normal from Monday 6th January 2014.

16th December 2013 - Christmas Party

There will be a Christmas Party for all students on Saturday 21st December at:

Rossington Parish Community Hall
McConnel Crescent
New Rossington
South Yorkshire
DN11 0PL

The party will be from 6:30pm until 11:00pm and there will be food, music, karaoke and games. Entry is free so we hope to see everyone there!

15th December 2013 - The Old Boys from Chun Ma are back for Christmas

Christmas is coming and the old guys from Chun Ma are back by popular demand...

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8th December 2013 - UKTDC Inter-Club Competition

Congratulations to Branden who won his fight against a goliath of an opponent. It took some courage to do and the win was even better.

Congratulations also to Daniel who took gold in both the flying side kick and sparring, especially when half of his points in the first round were incorrectly awarded to the other player!

Well done guys!

24th November 2013 - Sang Mu Inter-Club Competition

Congratulations to Scott, Branden & Daniel who all won their fights at the Sang Mu inter-club competition at Sheffield. Also to Mikey for a well-earned Silver. Congratulations also to Daniel who took bronze in the flying side kick.

13th October 2013 - Dan Grading at Sheffield

Congratulations to our students who passed their Dan gradings:

2nd to 3rd Dan

Liz Harworth
Chris Arthur

1st to 2nd Dan

Ben Morrison
Branden Griffiths
Olivia Ley
Matthew Chapman

Well done!

29th September 2013 - Chun Ma Inter-Club Competition

Congratulations to our medallists from the competition...

U18 Dan Grade Traditional Poomse
3rd - Adam Green

U16 Dan Grade 1-Step Sparring
3rd - Adam Green & Matthew Chapman

1 to 1 Sparring
Silver - Mikey Griffiths
Gold - Daniel Jackson (both fights)
Gold - Branden Griffiths
Gold - Ben Morrison

Click here for the full competition results.

We have to say some massive thank you's to Masters David Oliver, Matthew Oliver, Katey Wallace, Lisa Winteridge, Nigel Hudson and Lee Beddows for bringing their members and supporting our competition. To all the BTMA masters, instructors and students that attended for their help and support. The competition was packed to capacity. Thanks everyone for your support, it is much appreciated.

We also need to save a massive thank you to those from our club that put in a tremendous amount of time and effort preparing for the competition and running it on the day. Without this help, competitions simply wouldn't happen. Again, thank you to Mick, Carol, Liam & Jessica Sanderson, Anthony & Allison Jackson, Ann & Scott Sutherill, Mark Stephens, Tony & Chris Arthur, Tony & Lorraine McGeoghan, Lee Speight and Tracy Jackson.

14th April 2013 - Dan Grading at Sheffield

Congratulations to Lee Speight for passing his 3rd Dan grading today and also to Adam Green on achieving his 2nd Dan.

17th March 2013 - Portugal 2013 Open Competition

Congratulations to the Chun Ma & Kyo Hoon Students that competed at the Portugal 2013 Open competition at Peniche:


Andy Fisher Kyo Hoon Freestyle Poomsae
Andy Fisher Kyo Hoon WTF Poomsae
Angela Gethin Kyo Hoon Freestyle Poomsae
Angela Gethin Kyo Hoon WTF Poomsae
Thomas Gethin Kyo Hoon Kyorugi (Sparring)
Bob Lewis Kyo Hoon Hand Kyokpa (Breaking)
Bob Lewis Kyo Hoon Freestyle Poomsae (over 45)


Dan Chun Ma Kyorugi (Sparring)
Ben Sunderland Uni Freestyle Poomsae
Eden Fisher Kyo Hoon Kyorugi (Sparring)
Tracey Chapman Kyo Hoon Kyorugi (Sparring)
Bob Lewis Kyo Hoon WTF Poomsae
Melissa Sadler Kyo Hoon Freestyle Poomsae
Marjorie Thomas-Brown Kyo Hoon Poomsae
Thomas Gethin & Eden Fisher Kyo Hoon Paired Self-Defence
Ben Cottam, Jacob Fisher & Alex Chapman Kyo Hoon Team Self-Defence


Jess Chun Ma Freestyle Poomsae
Liam Chun Ma Flying Kyokpa (Breaking)
Jacob Fisher Kyo Hoon Kyorugi (Sparring)
Ben Morrison Sunderland Uni Kyorugi (Sparring)
Sue Fisher Kyo Hoon Poomsae
Sue Fisher Kyo Hoon Hand Kyokpa (Breaking)
Thomas Gethin, Eden Fisher, Dylan Lewis & Stephen Foster Kyo Hoon Team Self-Defence
Thomas Gethin Kyo Hoon WTF Poomsae
Alex Chapman Kyo Hoon Kyorugi (Sparring)
Stephen Foster Kyo Hoon Kyorugi (Sparring)


3rd March 2013 - Competition Weekend for Chun Ma

It was a good day today for Chun Ma members.

Well done to Instructor Ben Morrison and his University of Sunderland team which took 3 medals at the BSTF national Championships.

Well done to Amy Jackson for her silver medal in a hard fought match in the English Taekwondo Federation competition in Blackpool.

Also well done to Jess who did a great job refereeing at her first competition and to James for all his work (refereeing, judging, head of court etc).

Thanks to the Jackson family for the electronic scoring for the Blackpool event.

Master Dave did a little bit as well.

10th February 2013 - BTMA Referee & Corner Judges Course/Refresher

Open to all BTMA members, Fighters (14 & over), Coaches, Instructors and current officials wanting to do a refresher.

As the BTMA plans to hold more full contact fighting competitions in 2013 it is important that everybody that is acting as an official is trained to the same rules and regulations. The rules that we use are accepted by the BTC but there are some that may need to be amended. If we have enough senior Officials in attendance we could put these forward for changes. This is your opportunity to put your views forward and hopefully be counted.

Payment can be made on the day but please book your places by the 31st January as we will need to know numbers so that enough equipment can be supplied.

The venue is:

Rossington Parish Community Hall (formerly the Memorial Hall)
McConnel Crescent
New Rossington
South Yorkshire
DN11 0PL

Time: 10:00am to 2:00pm

Cost: £10 (Instructors who bring 3 paying members get the course free. £14 for 2 members of the same family/household)

More news and events for 2013 to follow when available ....